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Zigzag ribbon 4mm - Electric blue x 1m

For the custo of your bags, cushions, clothes and especially those of children!

Called croquet, serpentine, ric rac ribbon or even zigzag braid, this decorative ribbon is ideal for personalizing your clothing and decorative creations.

It will also be perfect for finishing curtains or drapes.

To sew or glue, you can also use it in your paper layouts: in scrapbooking to decorate a mini album or in card making to frame an invitation.

Soft but not stretchy, the zigzag ribbon will add a colorful touch to a trouser pocket, the bottom of a dress, on a wallet, the border of a cushion or even a tablecloth.

Available in several colors

Quality: 100% polyester

Width: 4mm

Color: electric blue

Sold by the meter

To receive 1 m, fill in 1; to receive 2 m, enter 2; etc. The ribbon will be delivered in one piece.

Croquet ribbon width 4mm sold by the meter

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