Marker Transfer Sheet for Modern Embroidery
  • Marker Transfer Sheet for Modern Embroidery
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Marker transfer sheet for embroidery

Thanks to this non-woven fiber veil, easily transfer your embroidery patterns, sewing patterns or quilting templates.

Material: 100% polyester

Dimensions: 30 x 33 cm

Textile transfer voile for modern embroidery


* Use the Erasable Pen (Ref. MNI-SEB1) to transfer the pattern to the fabric

* The PERFECT tool for making appliqués and practicing embroidery, patchwork and quilting

* Can be used on fabric as well as on paper, cardboard or wood

* The marks on your fabric can be removed with the pen's erasable tip or with water

* The Transfer Sheet can be reused again and again. Wash it simply with water.

You need: Washable Transfer Pen, Marker Transfer Sheet and Printed Pattern on paper sheet

1. Print your pattern

2. Duplicate your pattern on Transfer Sheet with Washable Transfer Pen (Ref. MNI-SEB1)

3. Duplicate again with the same Transfer Pen on the fabric. Your pattern appears on your fabric!

4. Begin embroidery

5. Remove bluish traces with the second tip of the eraserable pen

6. Clean your Transfer Sheet with water

7. And above all, enjoy your embroidery!

MNI-FTB1 / 3760172981145

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